Join us from wherever you are for our VIRTUAL event, coming to you from Orlando, FL, Chicago, IL, and Phoenix, AZ!

At this year’s Hack you will
- meet like-minded people who are passionate about Jesus and tech
- use your creativity to innovate solutions that bring The Gospel to millions of people
- experience how you can use your passion for tech to serve ministries longing for your skills

You don’t have to be a programmer to get involved. We need designers, photographers, writers, project managers, social media gurus – creative thinkers of all types! The most important skill is the ability to work as a team and find ways to problem-solve.

This event will be hosted by a team representing multiple ministries in different cities, but is taking place online so that we can stay safe. That means anyone who is interested can participate, no matter where they are!

Join us this October for an amazing 48 hour experience that will be fun and life changing!



View all project videos in this playlist

  1. Disciple Tools Instagram Connector [Project Page] [Video]
  2. Disciple Tools App Disguise [Project Page] [Video]
  3. OSINT Capture the Flag [Project Page] [Video]
  4. PrayForUPGs Branding [Project Page] [Video]
  5. Himalayan Teahouse [Project Page] [Video]
  6. Bible Story App [Project Page] [Video]
  7. Etnopedia Database Manipulation [Project Page] [Video]
  8. Love Your Neighbor [Project Page] [Video]
  9. Nations US Map [Project Page] [Video]
  10. Food for Nepal [Project Page] [Video]
  11. Minority Language Picker [Project Page] [Video]
  12. Orature Recording Software [Project Page] [Video]


Weekend Schedule

(All times in EST)

Friday (10/16)

Saturday (10/17)

Sunday (10/18)

8pm - Pre-Show Watch Party

9pm - Opening Ceremony

9:15pm - Team Formation

10pm - Work Time

9:45am - Morning Check-in

10am - Global Connect Call (Hear from teams from 30+ other cities!)

10:30am - Reboot, Rebalance, and Rally

3:30pm - Who are Unreached People Groups? (Webinar)

6pm - Team Check-in

1pm - Prepare video for submission

2pm - Prepare for presentation

3pm - Project submissions DUE!

3:15pm - Presentations

4pm - Stories and Testimonies

4:30pm - Winners Announced!

5pm - Celebration & Prayer





Mentors are available to you to help your teams get over the hump, or to help you get ‘unstuck’. Their experiences and insights could be very valuable to help give the extra lift to you as you hack.

You can reach the mentors by posting your questions in the following Slack channel: #hack-chilandix-mentors

Alternatively, you can reach out to the following mentors based on their skill sets:

Damilare Fagbemi: Python, Security

Josh Austin: Object-Oriented Programming

Kelly Hills

Tony Marsella: Javascript, Wordpress, SEO

Yvonne Carlson: WordPress

Jaya Brown: Product, Flutter, Android



Hackathon Sponsors


Impact Award

Team with the submission that best addresses its challenge and seeks to understand its audience and ministry.

Team Spirit Award

Awarded to the team that works through challenges and supports each other, and displays genuine care and humility for fellow members.

Innovation Award

Awarded to the team that creates the most original, unique, or ingenious solution.

People's Choice Award

Awarded to the favorite project as determined by public voting.

Best Overall

Top scoring project in all areas.

Devpost Achievements

Submitting to this hackathon could earn you:


Submit a project summary document and a short 1-3 minute video.  Your video should communicate the following:

  • A brief overview of what you are trying to solve.

  • The solution’s impact: why does it matter?

  • The demonstration of what you did and what it can do (important - shows the work you did)

  • Your project’s recommended next steps (shows your vision to move this forward)



Fred Jentgen
Strategic Coach

Keith Richardson

Keith Richardson

Yvonne Carlson

Judging Criteria

  • Kingdom Impact
    Does this solution have kingdom impact? Does it advance God’s purposes as communicated in the Bible?
  • Innovation
    Is this an original or unique approach? Has the team done something different in how they have addressed the challenge?
  • Viability
    How viable is this in the real world? Is this solution implementable? How hard would it be to scale?
  • Completeness
    Is the project still conceptual, or has it been more fully developed? Is there a working prototype?
  • People's Choice
    Is there a project that is by far the favourite from the group?

Questions? Email the hackathon manager

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